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Peter is fantastic. Changed our lives. Down a dress size in 4 weeks. One more to go before Christmas as predicted. Jackie is doing as well as me. We are amazed. We had a laugh and were so comfortable lol. I would recommend you to anyone. You're amazing                                                                    AW - Stoke on Trent

Take it or Leave It  is a SIX PART PROGRAMME using multiple techniques to help you release excess weight, including Hypnosis, the Virtual Gastric Band, Self Hypnosis and Ongoing Support. 
I specialize in helping clients who are seeking to release excess weight to achieve their ideal size -  and maintain it.

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Take control of your eating - and still eat the foods you love!

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Virtual Gastric Band - manage portion control effortlessly

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Remove the limiting beliefs that keep you


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Take-home techniques to dissolve cravings and temptations whenever they appear - instantly!

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Ongoing support ensures your slim-person eating behaviour becomes your permanent reality

Take It Or Leave It - YOU ARE IN CHARGE! 
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"Wow - just 5 weeks ago I sat with you for our hypnosis session and I have lost 1 stone 2 pounds and drooped a dress size (now a very comfy size 14)... I am so pleased and it has really not been hard work at all, and I have eaten and drunk what I have wanted and when I have wanted it. The other times, I have just not felt the need for the wine or the snacks… so thank you sooo sooo much...x "

DB – Stoke on Trent, England

call     07402 723462     to arrange your free consultation call

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Are you one of the people that have tried everything to lose weight and keep it off but have been unsuccessful? Do you

  • Eat when stressed or have other emotional feelings/triggers

  • Overeat even when full

  • Make instant bad food choices knowing that they are not good for you

  • Eat in the evenings, after you've already eaten dinner


In addition to food and eating habits, your beliefs play a huge role in your eating habits. We'll examine the limiting beliefs that stand between you and your ideal body - and eliminate them. Permanently.

Take It Or Leave It - YOU ARE IN CHARGE! 
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"Oh my Gosh... I had the best night's sleep last night ever after not finishing all my lunch, no snacking before tea and actually plating up a smaller than usual portion size!  I then went to a meeting this morning where not 1 but 3 different people told me how fab I looked!
And no snacking before bed...just didn't even want anything."
J L Stoke on Trent, England

call    07402 723462    to arrange your free consultation call

The Virtual Gastric Band weight loss procedure is included in the

Take It Or Leave It!



A Virtual Gastric Band is like 'flicking a switch in the brain.' It changes a person's attitude towards food and helps them regain control over cravings and bad habits. Feedback shows increased ability to say "no" to eating once the body knows that it has had enough food to stay healthy while still progressing to the person's target weight, or maintaining that weight when reached - and with no need to be deprived of the foods you love.

You may have waited a long time in life to release extra weight, and from this point on, you no longer have to wait.

The Virtual Gastric Band  uses the power of hypnosis to convince the mind that the stomach is full after a smaller amount of food and removes the desire to eat more.    


Take It Or Leave It - YOU ARE IN CHARGE! 
call 07402 723462 to arrange your free consultation call

Take It Or Leave It - YOU ARE IN CHARGE! 

call 07402 723462 to arrange your free consultation call

You know who you really are. You see the real you in your mind all the time. You feel that real you. That real you really is you.

But you don’t see the real you when you look in the mirror.


I’ve been there, I know what that’s like.


"I did a hypnosis session with Peter to help me kick the junk food eating habit and here’s what happened -
Before my one session with Peter Lancett: 

all I wanted was junk food junk food junk food and loving it!
After my one session with Peter Lancett: 

all I want is wonderful nutritious healthy food and loving it!
Do I eat junk food now?

I can take or leave it. I eat what I want and what I want is good food.

Added bonus - for the first time in forever my stomach doesn’t feel blah after I eat.
Thanks Pete this is brilliant!"
A F – Brisbane, Australia

call 07402 723462 to arrange your free consultation call

You’ve tried everything, diets, Weight Watchers, Slimming World, just about everything. You know every single contradictory fact about eating, nutrition, supplements, pills – and in extreme cases, even surgery.


Yep, I’m still with you. I’ve tried or contemplated it all too.

So imagine what it’s like to be the real you, at your target weight, wearing the clothes you want to wear, looking and feeling great, not having to worry about the cut or patterns that make you look fat. To be that real you – that would be fantastic, would it not? Yes, that would be fantastic.

So why isn’t that happening for you now?

You’ve tried everything and you’re low on belief. But you find yourself here, and now YOU'RE IN LUCK!


My Hypnosis weight-loss programme, including the Virtual Gastric Band, is designed to get you to your goal effortlessly. 

call 07402 723462 to arrange your
free consultation call

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