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A Brief Note About Me 

I LIVE IN England, but during the course of my life I've travelled extensively, lived overseas, spending long spells in California and even ending up with a New Zealand passport.

   A life-long interest in psychology and the workings of the human mind drew me to the field of hypnosis. Learning about neuroplasticity and the way we can "change our minds" to change or release unwanted habits and behaviours was an "a-ha" moment.

   Having had great success with various techniques of self-hypnosis, I turned my attention to hypnosis applied to help others and quickly came to realise that hypnosis, trance, meditation - they're just different words for the same state of mind. 

   My life is now dedicated to helping people to "transform their lives" by using fast, effective, lasting  interventions to guide people from an unwanted state, such as persistent pain, to a state of freedom.

   These transformations are "human alchemy" and beyond transforming negative states to states of freedom, I also apply the human alchemy techniques that I have mastered on my life-journey to create "mindset transformations" with people to take them to their true goals and desires. To the state of "human gold," in fact, that is unconditional happiness. 
And we all want to be happy, right?

A Few Fun facts:
* I am a much published author and have been a commissioning and series editor for a UK publishing company.
* I have worked in film and television as a writer and tv concept developer.
* I am equally at home in London, Paris, Berlin, Auckland, Los Angeles

Peter Lancett

Transformational Change, Coaching & Mentoring

I'M A HYPNOTIST, counsellor, coach - and alchemist. That's right, alchemist. Alchemy is the process of of transformation - base metal into gold is the old metaphor. It's my passion to guide you from where you are now, to where you want to be, from who you are now, to who you want to be. That change is alchemy in action. Changing Minds, Changing Lives

The process of Transformation is straightforward. We work together to identify your current "state" - where you are now, and then your desired "state" - where you would like to be.
   Next we strip back and release all in your life that's holding you back. Every ounce of hurt, pain and saddness, every angry word you've ever accepted, every negative limiting belief, including those that you are not even consciously aware that you've accepted at some point in your life. We let them go, without you having to re-live any of them. Easy.
   From this clean foundation, we can install all the resources you need to set you out upon the path to your happiness, the happiness you'll experience as you work towards your true goal, and achieve that goal effortlessly. 
   I use every tool and skil that's appropriate to guide you to that goal where your true happiness lies. Hypnosis - fast techniques to bring about lasting change - including "mindset" changes. Coaching. Counselling. And I'll give you tools to take away so that you can "take care of yourself" along the path.

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