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Video Testimonial - Sam Hemming, Staffordshire
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 Testimonial - Ruth and Paul Bond,, Staffordshire
 Testimonial - Margaret T,, Staffordshire

Another testimonial from a client - this time for a weight loss session delivered via Zoom, as this client lives in Australia.
The testimonial speaks for itself. 

"Thanks Peter... life and work have been a little hectic to be honest. Which is normally when I struggle with snacking and the need of desire to drink too much wine.However.... I have been amazed that I really can take it or leave it and without even giving it any thought I am leaving it!!I feel and look great... and it is being noticed!!Just a little tired from work... but as I just said it has not had the usual effect of me binge eating or drinkingReally love being in control.
                                                                                                                        JB  Stoke on Trent"


"Oh my Gosh... I had the best night's sleep last night ever after not finishing all my lunch, no snacking before tea and actually plating up a smaller than usual portion size!
I then went to a meeting this morning where not 1 but 3 different people told me how fab I looked!
So thank you already... oh and I bushed my teeth left handed as suggested but forgot what I was supposed to say. So just kept thinking in my head 'I can take it or leave it.
And no snacking before bed...just didn't even want anything."
Josie L.   Stoke on Trent, England

"Wow - just 5 weeks ago I sat with you for our hypnosis session and I have lost 1 stone 2 pounds and drooped a dress size (now a very comfy size 14)... I am so pleased and it has really not been hard work at all, and I have eaten and drunk what I have wanted and when I have wanted it. The other times, I have just not felt the need for the wine or the snacks… so thank you sooo sooo much...x "
Diane B. – Stoke on Trent, England

"I did a hypnosis session with Peter to help me kick the junk food eating habit and here’s what happened Before my one session with Peter Lancett: 
all I wanted was junk food junk food junk food and loving it!
After my one session with Peter Lancett: 
all I want is wonderful nutritious healthy food and loving it!
Do I eat junk food now?
I can take or leave it. I eat what I want and what I want is good food.
Added bonus - for the first time in forever my stomach doesn’t feel blah after I eat.
Thanks Pete this is brilliant!"
A F – Brisbane, Australia


"Peter is fantastic. Changed our lives. Down a dress size in 4 weeks. One more to go before Christmas as predicted. Jackie is doing as well as me. We are amazed. We had a laugh and were so comfortable lol. I would recommend you to anyone. You're amazing"
AW Stoke on Trent    


Ive reached my 2 dress size drop.  I feel great.  Only I think I lost about 4 sizes from my legs lol. They are skinny as hell  Ange Warrilow, 2.12.2019


"Peter, just wanted to  let u know how well I am feeling with no Migraines since seeing you last week. I am so thrilled. . . I cant tell you ! Thank u thank u thank u thank u so so much for spending so much time and energy on me. I really appreciate it. I am so happy and elated... can hardly believe it. You don't know what it means to me to be Migraine free even for one week of my life. It's simply heaven on earth for me. I am so lucky I found you"  Val M.

Dear Peter. Just wanted 2 let u know how well i am feeling with no "M"s since seeing u last wk. I am so thrilled. . . I cant tell u ! Thank u thank u thank u thank u so so much 4 spending so much time and energy on me. I really appreciate it.                                                                                                       Val Maskery Stoke on Trent

Thank you for the consultation hypnotherapy this morning. I was unsure how I would react, but as I said, we have to invest in ourselves.I've had a good afternoon, buying my curtains, putting them up, then an early evening walk.No after walk pain 😁.I am looking forward to my Red Path 🚶‍♀️ 

                                                                                                                         Caroline P, - England.

I have been in pain for many years which has gradually got worse. My wrists were causing me the most trouble to the point of not sleeping much.I went to Peter yesterday for his help and WOW!!!! He put me at great ease before we started and the treatment was incredible, I felt the pain leave and was quite awestruck after. A little shocked that there was no pain but what a relief. Driving home my wrists would normally start to ache on the steering wheel, nope, not this time!! I've slept and not woke at all in the night, I'm feeling more alive this morning than ever and I could cry with happy tears. Peter is amazing, I highly recommend seeing him for this, absolutely incredible. Thank you Peter 

                                                                                             Melissa Stanton - Stoke on Trent

WOW! What a great session we have just had. The pain I suffer from Reynaud's in my right foot has totally subsided. Thank you Peter and Sally, I'm looking forward to the 'Insomnia' session in 2 weeks time. ❤

                                                                                                                          Hillary D Hall, England

Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Peter Lancett for completely erradicating chronic neck pain that I've lived with for 25 ONE Arrow Hypnotic Session!Osteopaths,  chiropractors,  physiotherapists, and acupuncturists have not worked..... Peter,  I thank you, you most certainly are a star 🌟

                                                                                                                       Karen Leith,  Glasgow


A lovely video testimonial from a young woman who'd seen me several months earlier wanting to be released from a stammer she'd had since she was little. I do love my job.

" "I had a hypnosis with Pete which was fantastic. He put me at ease and was very professional. The problem that I came to him with has now gone.I highly recommend him and I will go back to him for future healing sessions."

Jade Frost  - who then recorded the video testimonial below...

Feelings of being Overwhelmed

Julie Grint mindscape for overwhelm.PNG

Thank you Peter for the zoom call tonight. I really liked it. I liked the mix of science, your own experiences and practice. And as I told on the call I finally had a reaction on that Arrow technique. I wonder if you have any recording of it that I could buy so I could test it sometime when (if) I have worse pain.              Mari-Ann Rehn, Stockholm

Thank you so much for your healing. I literally feel lighter in my heart and my head. Would thoroughly recommend, inspirational. 5*
Julie Williamson  Stoke on Trent


I had a session with Peter to deal with some emotional pain I had been holding on to. It worked! I feel like a weight has been lifted and what was holding me back has now gone.
Thank you Peter.
Danielle Orlandi-Fantini


"my gambling habit is buried forever"
Jason K, Stoke on Trent


"I had this treatment (Emotion Code) last Saturday with Peter with a very positive outcome. It's amazing how it all works, my emotional blockages were picked up and were absolutely correct. Then released. I came away feeling rejuvenated. I would highly recommend this treatment. Thanks Pete"
 Sharon Smith Stoke on Trent


"Hi Pete well you've done it again! The hypnosis session I did with you for financial health has been amazing! As I think is the case with a lot of people money is something that is constantly on your mind - budgeting, juggling, worrying, rinse and repeat but since I have had my hypnosis session with you I genuinely have financial freedom. What does that mean? Well I don't think about money constantly or in the same way, I don't worry about it, I don't juggle it and budgeting it is not a chore it's a joy because I don't feel like it is burning a hole in my pocket anymore frittering it away on wasted things - if it pleases me I spend and if it is just teasing me I don't buy it. Money has started to flow in too in unexpected ways with a small lottery win, gifts, money arriving in my bank account I wasn't expecting and I am able to manifest it easily because the sabotage thing I had going is completely gone. You're really onto something with this hypnosis and you are brilliant at it - I can't thank you enough!"
Alice Flanagan, Brisbane

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