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A four-week programme connecting you with the infinite resource we all hold within
Be everything you want to be
Do everything you want to do
Full Programme - £100
WHEN: Wednesday  TBA 6.30pm  |  TBA 6.30pm  |  TBA 6.30pm  |  TBA 6.30pm
WHERE:   Tranquility Base, The Crossway,  May Bank,  Newcastle under Lyme - or ONLINE
With this programme, you will learn techniques involving meditation that step beyond the typical expectation of relaxing mind body and spirit. Each week you will learn about particular techniques and how and why they work, and then you will experience a beautiful meditation that connects you to the limitless resources we all have an inner-access to, a meditation with a positive and active intention.
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You will take away tools and techniques that you can apply to bring about change in any aspect of your life whenever you feel the need for change in any area to bring you into balance and happiness. With these tools and techniques, you will set out on a journey of personal change and growth to contentment, peace, happiness – and whatever, for you, represents success.
This programme is designed for beginners with little or no experience of meditation, or those who have struggled with meditation in the past – but it is also a wonderfully empowering experience for anyone who already has meditation as a part of their wellness lifestyle.
Meditation One
Mellow Mind Relaxation

An introduction to Meditation, exploring the varied forms of meditation practice and the tools and techniques that are most commonly used to enjoy the state of peaceful relaxation that meditation can serve to provide as an antidote to the stresses and tensions of modern life.
In this meditation workshop, you’ll learn and experience various breathing techniques and find the ones that are most comfortable for you.
You’ll learn the art of physical relaxation and how to achieve it effortlessly and quickly for yourself
We’ll look at some of the mythology surrounding meditation, and we’ll also understand the benefits.
You’ll learn how to relax the mind as well as the body to achieve a state of inner calm.
At the end of this workshop, you’ll have all the tools you need to bring the practice of meditation into your natural wellness lifestyle.
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Meditation Two
Dream Architectural Therapy

What’s Holding You Back?
Before you can be the person you want to be…
Before you can achieve all that you long to achieve…
Before you can have all that you want to have You need to release all that's holding you back
Dream Architectural Therapy takes you into your unconscious mind, where all that holds you back (and all that can take you forward) is stored - and releases:
• Every Negative Limiting Belief that you, or anyone else, has ever placed on you that’s ever held you back.
• Every angry word
• Every ounce of Embarrassment, Hurt, Pain and Sadness that’s been placed on you throughout your life
Dream Architectural Therapy Frees You - to become the person you deserve to be, to achieve all you want to achieve, to have all that you want to have
You will also be taught a powerful Release Process technique that you can take away with you and use whenever you feel you need it
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Meditation Three
Journey to the Goldmine
Is there something you've always wanted to do but keep putting off trying?
Is there something you're good at, but want to be great at?
Do you ever find yourself wanting to be a different person in any way, a person you see as being even better than you are now in one, or even a number of ways?
If you could make any or all of those things happen - effortlessly - that would be amazing, would it not?Well the truth is, YOU CAN!
You have an amazing inner resource just waiting to be activated, an inner resource that's like a personal gold mine just waiting for you to arrive to collect the golden nuggets that represent everything you've ever wanted to accomplish, everything you've ever wanted to be.
This incredible and largely untapped (by most people) resource is there inside each of us, waiting for us to stir it into action so that it can give us the incredible life we so often dream about.
So how do you stir this incredible, limitless power into action on your behalf?
Well you can do it yourself if you know where to find it and how to communicate with it to get it working for you.But wouldn't it be good and save a great deal of time and trial and error if you could find a personal guide to lead you to your own inner resource, your own "gold mine?" A guide to lead you to the very heart of this limitless resource that’s just waiting for you to stir it into action. It's been there for you in the past, it's looked  after you, it wants you to be happy. But if it can bring so much of what you truly want into your life, and make that your reality - that would be wonderful, yes?
In the Journey to the Goldmine meditation, you'll stir the sleeping giant within, a personal genie to grant your wishes.
• Want to learn to play a musical instrument or become an even better musician?
• Want to learn a foreign language?
• Want to be an even more amazing parent?
Want to learn how to take charge of your emotions and feelings, so that you can be calm and happy at the click of your fingers?
Well you can have any or all of those things and anything else you want for your life, as you’ll discover when you visit your personal “goldmine”
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Meditation Four
The Castle of Infinite Dreams

A very special meditation that you can repeat again and again to find whatever you need for whatever purpose whenever it’s required.
In this meditation, you’ll understand how the limitless resources of the unconscious and super-conscious mind are organized for you, for you to access them comfortably and effortlessly.
During this workshop, we’ll revisit all that we’ve learned and experienced over the four weeks.
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