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soul path attunement
Spiritual Healing at the level of The Soul

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Peter Lancett

Spiritual Counsellor

Workshop Facilitator

Drum Circle Facilitator

Retreat Organiser


My Spiritual Journey began when I was a teenager and now, decades later, it continues to amaze, inform and delight. My path has led me to explore, experience, and draw richly from esoteric areas that have attracted me to them, including Ceremonial Magic, Spiritual Alchemy, Earth and Nature Magic, Eastern Spiritual Philosophies and Shamanism. The Akasha, where Soul Records are to be found, has always provided a foundation and point of reference for me on this journey.

     Involving some emphasis on intellectual and academic research, my path has nevertheless always found its key focus to be experience, and all that I have ever learned from books has been dwarfed by that which embeds itself in the Mind, Body and Soul as a result of open acceptance of the energy vibrations and circumstances that I have chosen to experience in these – and of course all other – areas of my life.

     In my Spiritual life, I have worked with groups, both loose associations of the moment and more permanent organisations, but mostly, and most satisfyingly, I have worked alone to experience and learn from the limitless Numinous. I am what I am and I still delight in the continuing discovery of just what that means, as I am exposed to the ever-unfolding petals of the Universal Lotus.

     For many many years, I have provided Spiritual help, counselling, coaching and healing whenever it has been asked of me by people I have encountered along my path. Spiritual Healing is a calling that draws me to it, and this means healing at the level of the Soul. Soul Path Attunement, Spiritual Counselling, Coaching and Spiritual Guidance are laid before me as a vocation that I am called to follow.


Love and Peace and Light to All


Peter Lancett




“Free Your Soul – Empower Your Life”

An Empowering and Liberating Healing process. Discovering who you truly are at the level of the Soul. Journeying to the Akasha, to read your Akashic Record to find your unique gifts that point to your true calling in this current human experience. Discovering and explaining the energetic blocks and restrictions that you currently carry – some acquired in this lifetime, others that you may have carried through from previous lifetimes – and empowering you to release them, freeing you to be the Person You Are Truly Meant To Be, creating the Life You Truly Deserve To Live. Readings are followed up with 6 x 30 minute sessions to guide you into your changing energetic expression and helping guide you to find your True Path to your Unique Happiness.

Availability: One on one - in person or via Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom etc, worldwide / Keynote Event/Conference Speaker

“If you’re not living your Dream Life, you’re sick – but it’s a sickness having a simple cure!”

The truly ancient and secret practice of Spiritual Alchemy to free you from the shackles that are preventing you from creating and living your Dream Life. Simple, secret techniques - that go beyond the currently fashionable “law of attraction” - for you to action in your life to Make Your Dreams Come True.

Availability: One on one, Group Programmes In person or via Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom etc, worldwide / One-Day Workshops both live in person and live online / Corporate Programmes / 10xYour Business Programmes / Keynote Events/Conference Speaker



“Find Yourself, Love Yourself, Live Yourself Happy!”

A seven-step turbo-charged programme to turn your life around to one of Happiness, fulfilment, Joy and Abundance. Tailored personally for you, the Live Yourself Happy! Programme is a Holistic Mind Body And Spirit modality that gives you back control of your thoughts and emotions, turning negative to positive, and re-connecting you with your Divine Self. Return to the Intention of Love to access the Spiritual Guidance showing you the path to the Victorious Life that’s always been yours to live – at will. Go on, Find Yourself, Love Yourself, Live Yourself Happy!

Availability: One on one - in person, or via Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom etc, worldwide / Keynote Event/Conference Speaker



“Amor Omnia Vincit – Love Conquers All”

The energy of all creation is the Energy of Unconditional Love. Channelling and balancing the Energies of Mother Earth and the Celestial Energies from the infinite reaches of the Universe, Avalon Goddess Shamanic Healing brings Peace and Love and Ease where there is emotional or physical pain or discomfort. From a Shamanic State of Consciousness, the Goddess Consciousness appropriate to your pain is channelled to balance the Earth and Celestial frequencies needed to bring healing to you through Unconditional Love.

Availability: One on one Healing Sessions - in person or distance via Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom etc, worldwide, Keynote Event/Conference Speaker

+44 07402 723462 (UK)

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