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Saturday March 6th

10am - 2pm


Saturday March 13th

12pm - 4pm

available online, streaming live via Zoom

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New and Exclusive Workshop to Push Through Chronic, Persistent Pain

SALLY ABEL (Physiotherapist) and
PETER LANCETT (Hypnotherapist)
have teamed up to bring you this
brand new and exclusive workshop for people dealing with persistent pain.

Bring your pain in with you and leave it behind when you leave! 

Take with you new learnings and understandings and a number of simple, practical tools that you can use to switch off useless unnecessary pain whenever you need to.
This can be totally, positively life-changing!

Pain affects all of us at some time,
we all know what pain feels like and
it’s not nice. Imagine being in pain all the time. That's chronic pain, and we don't have to live with it

Pain makes us change the way we
walk, talk and feel.

The first thing we do when we are in
pain is reach for the pain killers. Did
you know that we have our own
natural ability to gain pain relief?
There are chemicals in our own brain more powerful than morphine.

What if we understood more about

What if we could unlock those
amazing, magical pain chemicals in
the brain?


By understanding pain, the way it
makes us feel and changes our
behaviour, we can take back control.


In this 2 hour workshop we will talk
about the magic of the mind,
explore the science behind pain,
discuss the language of pain and
give you easy take-home tips and
exercises to push through pain for
good. Leave your pain at the door.

Join us and Find Freedom From Pain! ​

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