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Meditation and Mindfulness for busy mums during term-time.
Meditation Techniques, Mindfulness, Relaxation, Stress-release, Wipe Away Worries, Positive Energy Boost.
Because you're worth it!
Harried busy mums (and singles), drop the kids off at school and come for stress-free calming meditation... you'll:
Learn Techniques, Meditate with Intention, enjoy a Guided Meditation with Purpose... different each week
Ending with ten or fifteen minutes of Quiet Contemplative Meditation...
Leave refreshed, revitalized, confident, ready for the week to come, knowing that you have it covered.
All the benefits of silent meditation, but with the Power of a Group and ideas and techniques taking meditation up a few notches
Plus Mindfulness...
And the power of Self-Hypnosis may be included too :)
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