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Lancett  Hypnotherapy

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A six-month group programme with just seven participants where you’ll learn to find the sheer joy and happiness that comes from you just being YOU! Simply living your life as the AUTHENTIC YOU! will bring you unlimited HAPPY!

Do you want that? If you said yes, then this is the programme for you. If you said no, then more than ever this programme is for you!

You remember a time when you were happier than you are now and you want to get back to that. And perhaps you want even more than that!

Maybe you’ve lived a life where you’ve never felt truly happy, truly fulfilled and valued. Learn to value yourself and the rest follows. Naturally!

You know that your thoughts and your actions are sabotaging your inner peace and your path to happiness. And you want to change that. Of course you do!

Find your feelings and set your intention to understand that you own your feelings. Nobody else does! Your pain is all yours and you may be causing it yourself. Your happiness is all yours. YOU ARE NEVER A VICTIM! Learn to find that and own it.

There’s a part of you part of your True Inner-self that’s hurt and people or events can trigger those hurt feelings. Learn to love yourself, and do that honestly, truly and deeply, and you find that you learn to love others at the same time. And what you give out you get back. Choosing to love yourself opens up your heart and connects you with Universal Divine Love.

Talk to the hurt part of your Soul that’s expressing itself as an uncomfortable or painful feeling and welcome that conversation. Discover the false beliefs you’re carrying through life and the behaviours that come from them that are the source of your pain – and do this with compassion and forgiveness

Talk with your intuitive inner Spiritual Guidance, finding what’s true and authentic for you in any situation – and learn what loving action you should take for yourself!

How effective was the loving action you took for yourself? Check your feelings to find out!

Wow, look at the tools you now have to turn around your life from one of being a victim of your circumstances to one where you are the infinitely powerful creator of your circumstances in all moments!

What's Involved: 

  • Every second Wednesday, you’ll attend a one hour group session at the Shambhala Serenity Centre in May Bank, Newcastle under Lyme.  Don’t imagine that these will be stuffy lectures. This is interactive and supportive work. We’re all in it together!
    These sessions run from 7pm – 8pm

  • Twice a week you’ll receive an email with highly actionable ideas that you can incorporate easily into your current life, designed to increase your awareness of who YOU really are and raise your energy towards a statement of Joy!

  • You’ll join a private Facebook Group where you can post questions, obstacles that you’re facing, and your successes. I’ll be monitoring the group every day, but this is a community where we are ALL OF US encouraged to help and support each other! This can be such a valuable resource and is a safe space to cherish! There will be eight of us including me, and eight people setting an intention to support each other to a specific goal has enormous power.
    Eight is a special number in this regard.


I have been running this Live Yourself Happy!
programme one-on-one with individual clients for several years, but now it is being offered in a group format - for which it is wonderfully suited - to make this empowering and liberating Healing system available to more people.

As such, the first seven lucky participants are going to get a very special discount. Normally, this programme would be fantastic value offered at £60 per month, but for this first launch of the programme in a group format, you can enjoy the great positive benefits for just £30 per month.

Pay the full amount of £180 to cover the full 6 month programme, or choose the 'pay monthly' option and pay £32 per month.

***Please note that whichever payment option you choose, you are
committing to pay for the full six months of the payment payment plan. Even if you do not complete the programme, or do not participate in all of the sessions, your financial commitment is to cover the full cost of the programme and all payments must be made***

Remember - an investment in your own well-being is always going to be the best investment you'll ever make. So Come On - LIVE YOURSELF HAPPY!

Next Programme Starting:     TBA


Payment Plan
Six Payments
£32 per month

Full Payment