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soul path attunement
Spiritual Healing at the level of The Soul

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Life-Situation Reading

Empower your Soul to make positive choices going forward by exploring the energy behind the experiences you're having now

A Life-Situation Reading can be experienced as a stand-alone view of your current experience, or as a deeper examination of your Soul's journey following a SOUL PATH ATTUNEMENT or SOUL INFORMATION READING. 

A Life-Situation reading is designed to uncover the energetic statement of your current Life Circumstances. If you ever find yourself asking

  • Why am I having the experiences I'm having?

  • What choices might result in more positive outcomes for me going forward?

...then a LIFE-SITUATION READING might be just what you're looking for​


A LIFE SITUATION READING can take a general view of your current experience, or can be tailored to focus on a particular issue or set of issues, and covers the following:


  • Channelling your Soul Profile information 

      - including your Soul’s Specialization

  • Primary Life Lesson and level of Higher-Self Connection

  • Getting to the energetic and Karmic root of your current experiences. 

  • Discovery of Additional Blocks and Restrictions that may be affecting you, such as

        Chakra imbalances



          - and more. 

  • Addressing Future Outcomes

Knowledge is Power
Book now to empower yourself at Soul-Level to make informed Life-choices leading to more satisfying outcomes




If you've already had a




I already have your

Soul Information and this means that I can offer the LIFE SITUATION READING at a reduced price of


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