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Handling Prospective
Client Calls

A Step by Step Guide to managing enquiry calls so that you can convert prospects to booked-in clients

2.00pm - 4.00pm (UK TIME)

woman on phone confused 5.jpg

What the heck happened there?

A prospective client calls...

  • Can you help me?
    You tell them


  • How long does a session last? You tell them

  • How much does it cost?
    You tell them


  • OK, I'll think about it and get back to you.

Call ends.
And you've learned not to hold your breath waiting for them to call back.
We've all had that experience, right?

But what if it doesn't have to be that way?

What if you could handle every call using a systematic approach that will have you convert the majority of enquiries into bookings?

Well you can.

Just sign up for this

training and we'll show you how to handle prospective client calls so that they'll want to sign up right away.

Woman succes on phone 2.jpg

You'll learn...

  • How to take control of the call right from the start

  • How to illicit important information from the caller

  • How to guide the call to get vital information from the caller

  • How to ensure that you give the caller vital information that they need to hear

  • A systematic client-call workflow that builds desire within the caller

  •  A step-by-step workflow for the call, leading to...

  • How to close the call with the client booking there and then!

Make handling calls effortless - you'll look forward guiding your callers to book with you, knowing that you can help them with the change they want to make... now!

So if you want to turn this...

woman on phone confused 5.jpg

...into this...

Woman succes on phone 2.jpg

Just book via PayPal using the link below to secure your place!

£95     £52.50

Note: By booking onto this training you understand that the training will be recorded and the recording may be used commercially by the copyright owners, Jackie Brennan and Peter Lancett at a future date.

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