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Lancett  Hypnotherapy

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Avalon Goddess Healing

Healing energy is limitless in its supply and in its power. It can be called upon and directed to perform its miracles by those trained in the art of managing it. 

Avalon Goddess Healing draws upon this universal Healing energy, and also calls upon the grounded energy of the Goddess of the Land. 

The Goddess holds the Celestial Healing energy fast in Her womb where Her nurturing process introduces the grounded, generative and re-generative power of the Land. And in this Sacred Crucible, the mixture is transformed through the Power of Love and directed to where it is needed in the person who has asked to be healed

Distance Healing Sessions: How and Why They Work

What is Distance Healing?
Distance healing is any form of healing energy "sent" across time and space that is received and has a healing effect on the recipient.


With this type of work, you do not have to be physically present with the healer to receive the healing. It may be done over the phone or at a special time set aside and agreed upon between you and the practitioner.

This type of healing is just as effective as an in person healing because in alternative energy healing and holistic medicine therapies, we are working with the physical, emotional and mental aspects of an individual by accessing the individual’s energy body.


The energy body can be accessed easily from anywhere and at any time and does not require you to be physically present with the practitioner.


The Illusion of Time and Space
The usual, typical perception that most of us live in is that this physical reality is one that is conditional and dual. What does that mean exactly? Well, for most of us, our experience of this physical reality is that things are not only separated by distance, but that time only moves in one direction - forward.


This perception, particularly the perception of time, is one of the things that keeps us firmly rooted in the physical world. And yet at the same time may also limit our ability to manifest change and experience instant healings.  Shamanic healers will tell you that time is an "illusion".


This illusion exists only because we have believed it to be true and serves a good purpose—it keeps us grounded in the physical experience which is right where we need to be to live and go about our daily activities. But at the same time this perception can limits us from a greater understanding and experience of life. The good news is that like all perceptions, this illusion of time and space can be transcended or altered at will with proper practice.

How Does a Healer Go Beyond Time and Space?
When a healer facilitates a distance healing, he or she is going outside of time and space. The healer is altering his/her perception by any number of techniques. In the Theta Healing technique for example the healer slows his/her brainwaves to the theta wave which activates what is known in shamanism as the “waking dream” state, a Shamanic State of Consciousness.


With Avalon Goddess Healing, I work with the Theta Healing technique to induce in myself a Shamanic State of Consciousness and move my perception to the "otherworldly" Avalon landscape, the inner representation of my personal ancestral land. From there I call upon the Avalon Goddess and request that she releases the aspect of herself appropriate to the healing that is being requested, and that is also best suited to the recipient of the healing. Where in time I decide to go to effect the healing is dependent only on where I decide to place my awareness. Typically the aspect of the Goddess I am working with will lead me in this decision - the point being to affect the source of the problem as well as the current symptoms.